Would you like a free mounted 11×14 to enjoy in your home?

It’s a beautiful day and I am feeling happy!  I woke up this morning and after eating breakfast, I popped on Facebook for five minutes (like so many of us do!) to see the news for the day.  It was a pretty typical Facebook morning, except that two things stood out at me right away.

The first was just how many people have my images as their profile pictures.  It made me pause and feel thankful!  When I create images for people, my hope is that they will hang them on their walls at home and enjoy them every day.  It is a bonus that they love them so much to share with their hundreds of friends on Facebook.  I see those little pictures pop up in my newsfeed and I just feel GIDDY!  Giddy!!

The second thing that struck me was how close I am to having a nice round number of “likers” on my Facebook business page.  I have to say, I have never put too much of an emphasis on growing that number, as there always seem to be other important things to do.  Although I can understand why other businesses do, I have never had a contest or challenge where you have to like my page to get entered to win something; I have always wanted the “likers” to be there because they actually like the art that I create and want to see the posts.  But it is true that when new people see what I can do, they become aware of the possibility of one day choosing me as their photographer, so these numbers help.

I love my supporters and friends and clients and “likers” (some who I have never met, but have sent me lovely messages)  and I want to thank YOU for being at the heart of my business and for liking and commenting and booking sessions just because you are YOU and you believe in ME.  It’s an incredible honour.

That’s why this morning, I invite all of you with my images as your profile picture to comment on the post on my business page which links to this post.  (Got that?:))  You can say you’re entering, or just say hello, or tell me what you loved most about your past session.  Then share something with your Facebook friends so that more people get to know about my business.  Share what you want – one of my blog posts, an image from my business page, or a web file of an image from your session, and let me know about it.  This helps introduce them to my page.  Tomorrow at 3:30 pm, I will randomly draw from your names for a mounted 11×14, mailed directly to your home (a $75 value + shipping), so that you will have one more way to enjoy your image every day.  :)

I know some of you will be filled with questions, so I’ll answer a few now.  😉  Yes, you may go now and change your profile picture to one of my images before entering.  And yes, if you are a new client to me and you already have a Fall session booked for me in the next two months, of course you can enter too!  Just comment on the Facebook post and share a link to my website or a blog post – whatever speaks to you and I will enter your name in this crazy draw.   I know there are many of you who share my work all the time, and I wish I could go back and add up all those times you have supported me and count those in this draw, but that would take too much time.  And last question – yes, you can even enter if you are my sister, although if you win, we’ll have some explaining to do…

Thank you from the bottom of my happy heart!  And good luck.  😉


October 12, 2013 - 3:28 pm

Muriel Davies - It was great fun having Rhonda (a former student grade 5 student of mine) take our family photos. Rhonda was very professional and pleasant and respectful of our time and family.

April 17, 2016 - 2:26 pm

Rhonda - Thanks, Muriel! It’s always wonderful to see you!

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